As the Easter holiday approaches a few things come to most of our minds, one of many being...chocolate! No matter if we are filling a basket, sending a gift for the holiday or just want a delicious Easter treat, knowing a few great locations where you can purchase your Easter chocolate is always helpful!


From Canonsburg to the Mon Valley we are sharing just a few of  the staple candy shops that you’ll definitely want to visit in Washington County this Easter season.

Andy’s Candies

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Andy's Candies

Andy’s Candies is a multi-generational, family-owned candy business, founded in the 1950’s.


The local makers of homemade chocolate candy and specialty chocolate novelty items, it is the place to find all your chocolate needs this Easter!


Located conveniently right off highway 22 at 9717 Steubenville Pike Bulger, PA, you have to be sure to make Andy’s Candies a definite stop this holiday.

M&R’s Chocolates

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M&R's Chocolates

Claimed as the ‘’top sweet shop in the local area’’, M&R’s Chocolates has almost any chocolate you may be searching for this Easter season.


This sweets shop is located at 501 McKean Avenue in Charleroi, PA.


M&R’s Chocolates has some of the most customizable treats for every Holiday season. Specifically for Easter, you may be able to find chocolate bunny, egg and chick lollipops. To make it even better though, you definitely will still be able to count on buying the Easter chocolate staples such as chocolate covered pretzels and oreos.


M&R’s Chocolates is passionate about creating exceptional and high-quality sweets, so stop by to find your delicious chocolatey treats!

Paradise Confectionery

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Paradise Confectionery

Located at 1295 Donnan Ave, Washington, PA, Paradise Confectionery has been a staple in the Washington community for over 100 years!


A family owned and operated business, which was first started in the 1920’s, is still running and is stronger than ever. From chocolate covered cherries to chocolate creams and nuts, almost all locals have a favorite that they purchase around the Holidays.


Stop in or give them a call to try out their delicious variety of chocolate treats this Easter. Who knows, you may just find your new favorite!

Sarris Candies

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Sarris Candies

Sarris Candies is a family-owned and operated specialty chocolate and candy manufacturer. Sarris Candies, known for not only its superior rich taste, but adherence to high quality standards and exceptional customer service. This top tier chocolate shop is well known locally as well as across the country!


Sarris Candies’s home base is located at 511 Adams Avenue in Canonsburg, PA.


You’ll want to make it a point to visit this Canonsburg location to experience the overwhelming surroundings of sweet fun all while stocking up with the widest variety of local Easter chocolate!