Winter in southwestern Pennsylvania can definitely give anyone cabin fever. Social media, streaming services and board games can only entertain us for so long until we are craving to get out of the house and do some activities.


Let’s explore some places throughout Washington County that you, your friends and family can go to satisfy that winter activity craving that we all get around this time of the year without spending money!

Ice Fishing at Canonsburg Lake

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Canonsburg Lake Ice Fishing

Located in Washington County, Canonsburg Lake is a 76-acre impoundment owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and managed by the Fish and Boat Commission for public fishing and boating.


Fishing enthusiasts, no need to wait for Spring or Summer, get your fishing fix in now by visiting Canonsburg Lake to try ice fishing!


The lake is designated as stocked trout waters and open to year-round fishing. 


So, enjoy some alone, quiet time fishing, or bring some company and try out ice fishing at the Canonsburg Lake!


You may just discover your new favorite type of fishing hobby.

Local Libraries

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Avella Public Library

Libraries…a classic place to visit where everyone can find something to enjoy. Here are just three of the many libraries you can visit in Washington County!


Citizens Library-

Located right on College Street in Washington, Citizens Public Library provides many opportunities for all ages. Open Monday through Saturday, Citizens Library offers resources to enrich, inform and educate the local public. Find your favorite genre on the shelf, grab a public computer or sign the kids up for many educational programs. Check out their Facebook page or website for more information on this local Washington Library.


Avella Area Public Library  -

Serving the Avella School District, West Middletown Boro, Cross Creek, Hopewell, and Independence Townships, Avella Area Public Library is located at 11 School Court in Avella, Pennsylvania. This library is open Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays. While you are visiting the Avella library you also have access to checking out the rest of the local Community Center that it is located in. Check out their website and Facebook page for updated  business hours and information


Monongahela Area Library -

The Monongahela Area Library is located right on Main Street in Monongahela Pennsylvania. Open Monday through Saturday you can come find your new favorite book or get some faxing and/or printing jobs done! This community library holds many events not only in the winter, but also throughout the year for local residents, so make sure you visit their website and Facebook page to stay up to date with all the opportunities to be found at the Monongahela Area Library.

Mall Walking

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Washington Crown Center Mall

So, you have been cooped up all winter and need to get some energy out? Well, look no further than a free and fun way to exert some energy!


I’m sure you have seen it before…mall walkers. Up and down from each end of the mall the walkers get in some major exercise.


 A main benefit  as to why the local community loves mall walking so much is, well because, it's a warm place that you can go by yourself or with the kids that still gets you out of the house while getting in some exercise.


A major plus is the fact that you can window shop while doing it and it still remains a free activity.


The local Washington Crown Center Mall is located at 1500 W Chestnut Street in Washington. 

Local Parks

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As any local resident from this area knows, winters in Southwestern Pennsylvania are always unpredictable. We could go from freezing cold one day to high 40’s or 50 degree weather the next.


So, with that being said, for the ‘’nicer’’ winter weather days you can check out the plethora of local parks in the Washington County area! Here are just two of them that are definitely worth visiting.


Cross Creek County Park

Cross Creek County Park -

Cross Creek County Park is located in Avella at 1 County Park Road. This is Washington County’s largest park and offers many features to enjoy throughout the year, including winter. Trails, pavilions, play sets and more. If the weather permits, take a trip to enjoy a walk, have lunch under the pavilion or just sit and read a book by the lake. You may have to put some extra layers on compared to when visiting in the on seasons, but a trip to Cross Creek County Park is always worth it.


Mingo Creek County Park -

Located in Finleyville Pennsylvania, Mingo Creek County Park offers creeks with trout fishing, playgrounds, various trails, pavilions and the infamous covered bridges. Discovering the ins and outs of Mingo is fun to do alone or with company! While there during the winter months, checking out the Mingo Creek Observatory, Historic Henry House and Model Airplane Field could be just some of the things to come upon at Mingo Creek County Park!


So, are you ready to make this winter a fun one while doing it all for free? These free activities are just some of what Washington County has to offer to fulfill the winter season.


Who knows…while trying some of these activities you may just come across even more to try!