Looking for something unique and completely out of the ordinary the next time you are in Washington County? Stop by and check out these five unique gift shops in Washington, PA to find the perfect gift for someone special or yourself of course.


From quirky knick-knacks, t-shirts, and cute décor these five gift shops are sure to have everything you are and we're not originally looking for.

Heart's in the Attic- Washington, PA

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Heart's in the Attic

This quaint gift shop, Hearts in the Attic located in downtown Washington, is filled to the brim with cute primitive country decor, knick-knacks, and small gifts.


Candles, handmade crafts and decor are just some of the few things you can find while shopping at this gift shop.


All of your holiday decorating needs along with seasonal decor for every time can be found in this massive gift shop. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, you are sure to find everything you need at Hearts in the Attic in Washington, PA.

Gifted Pittsburgh- McMurray, PA

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Gifted Pittsburgh

In search of the perfect gift for someone special to you? Look no further than Gifted Pittsburgh located in McMurray, PA.


This large gift shop is filled with everything you are looking for such as candles, candies, custom wine glasses, holiday decor, and so much more. Gifted Pittsburgh is most well known for its abundance of personalized and handmade jewelry that are sure to make the perfect gift for that special someone.


The next time you are in search of the perfect gift, check out Gifted Pittsburgh in McMurray, PA.

Curtis Pharmacy- Claysville, PA

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Curtis Pharmacy

A hidden gift shop nestled into a popular Washington County pharmacy is located in Curtis Pharmacy in Claysville, PA.


This hidden gem has an abundance of handmade jewelry, candles, children’s gifts, home decor, candies, and so much more. Looking for the perfect knick-knack to add to your collection, Curtis Pharmacy is sure to have just what you are looking for with their wide variety of knick-knacks.


If you are on the hunt for the perfect knick-knacks to add to you or someone you know's collection, check out Curtis Pharmacy in Claysville, PA.

Kaleidoscope II- Washington, PA

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Kaleidoscope II

Custom art, unique jewelry, and handmade crafts are just some of the many things you can find when shopping at Kaleidoscope II in downtown Washington, PA.


This unique gift shop sells exclusively handmade pottery, art, and jewelry made by local artisans and artists throughout the area. From the moment you walk into this gift shop you are greeted with a colorful merchandise and a wonderful staff eager to help you find the perfect gift.


If you are a fan of unique handmade gifts then check out Kaleidoscope II in downtown Washington, PA.

Elves Lair- Scenery Hill, PA

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Elves Lair

Arguably one of the most unique gift shops in Washington County, PA is Elves Lair located in Scenery Hill, PA.


This gift shop is filled with the gift shop classics such as Christmas decor, handmade cards, children’s handmade toys, and so much more. What sets this gift shop apart from many others in the area are the rare items that they carry like German handmade smokers, wind bells made in Maine, and volcanic ash glass just to name a few.


Elves Lair also is home to an abundance of antiques and handcrafted items making it a must visit gift shop.


The next time you are looking to find an item like no other, check out Elves Lair in Scenery Hill, PA.