Washington County Ag Days

Get ready for a farm-tastic experience at Washington Ag Days! Join us at the Washington County Fairgrounds for a celebration of agriculture, featuring live demonstrations, interactive exhibits, and delicious local food. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or simply curious about the agricultural world, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars and come explore the heart of Washington's farming community at Ag Days!


Friday, April 19 and Saturday April 20, 2024


Washington County Fairgrounds

Popular Attractions

If we were to have to pick the two biggest draws to our weekend, we would have to say that the Sheep Shearing Demonstration is always a standing room only show. 


sheep shearing


Duck Pond

The next big draw that we have is our Duck Pond. During the entire weekend we have a duck pond that has a sliding board in it and the community enjoys standing for hours watching the ducks climb up the sliding board and then back down the slide into the water. We have several groups of ducks that are used to ensure that they do not get over tired from going up and down the slide. This is surely one of our biggest highlights for kids of all ages.

Sheep Shearing

We have a local Sheep Shearer who brings in sheep and shears them in front of the crowd. While he is shearing, we have a commentator who describes what is happening and what the shearer is doing. The shearer uses a set of clippers that are normally used in today shearing events. When he is done, he shows how the fleece is in one piece and how they fold it and put it in a wool bag. At the end of his demonstration, he always bring out a hand crank powered clipper and show how to shear a sheep with this while someone hand cranks the set to make the clippers run. This demonstration shows how hard it was to shear wool before electricity was available. 

Duck pond

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