In Washington County the restaurant options are plentiful. With locally owned establishments, fine dining, international restaurants and “hole-in-the-wall” spots, Washington County has a restaurant that is sure to satisfy your hunger needs.


As nice as it is to be able to sit down and enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant, we are not always allotted that luxury. Sometimes we are on the lookout for restaurants that offer takeout, to-go, curbside and even delivery options to make meals more convenient for those busy times.


If you are interested in what I believe to be some of the best takeout options in Washington County, then just keep reading.

Hog Father’s Old Fashioned BBQ (Monongahela, Washington, Canonsburg)

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Hog Father's

Looking for a takeout meal that is sure to satisfy and stuff the entire family? Then look no further than Hog Fathers Old Fashioned BBQ.


Hog Fathers has a mouthwatering barbeque-centric menu, with award-winning items such as ribs, pulled pork and mac & cheese (my favorite!)


The best part? Hog Fathers has many different convenient locations throughout all of Washington County, including Monongahela, Canonsburg and Washington.


The next time you are in a rush and are looking for a convenient restaurant to order takeout from, call Hog Fathers BBQ — you will not be disappointed.

Osso's Original Pizza (Washington)

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Osso's Pizza

When looking for a quick and convenient bite to eat, pizza takeout can always be a great “go-to” option. One staple pizzeria in Washington, PA, Osso’s Pizza, is always a great option when looking to get pizza to-go.


Osso’s not only offers their famous square pizza, but also  hoagies, wings, hamburgers, salads and so much more! Are you thinking that this couldn’t get any more convenient? Well, it does — Osso’s also offers their vacuum packed pizza that is perfect for keeping in the freezer for those evenings where you do not even have time to get takeout or are planning on not leaving your home.


Osso’s is located conveniently right in the heart of Washington County, making it convenient for residents all throughout the county. If you are looking for a tasty and convenient take out option, stop by Osso’s Pizza!

How Lee (Washington)

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How Lee

When you think of takeout, you almost always think of Chinese food. For decades the two have gone hand-in-hand. On those nights where you do not have time to cook and are having the hankering for Chinese takeout, How Lee is a great option for your Chinese food cravings.


Conveniently located in Washington, How Lee is easily accessible. With great hours, great prices and an impressive menu with plentiful options, How Lee is the go-to spot for Chinese takeout! In fact, they’ve won “Best Chinese Food” in the Observer-Reporter's “Best of the Best” competition for the last three years.


The next time you are craving chow mein or chicken fried rice stop by How Lee, you will not be disappointed!

Dettore's Pizza (Monongahela)

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Dettore's Pizza

Another great pizza takeout spot is Dettore’s Pizza in Monongahela. Whether you are in the mood for a traditional pizza, calzone or salad, Dettore’s Pizza is sure to leave your stomach full and taste buds satisfied. For those of you who are in the mood to try something on the non-traditional side, Dettore’s has an abundance of signature pies (like pierogi pizza), to satisfy your cravings.


With convenient hours, operating 7 days a week, and easily accessible location, Dettore’s Pizza is a must try.