Main Street Cafe - Claysville, PA

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Main Street Cafe

Nothing says comfort food like foods that taste like they are straight out of your grandmother’s kitchen. If you are in need of a warm meal that tastes just like home in Washington County, there is a restaurant that just might top your favorite meal from their grandmother-- Main Street Cafe in Claysville, PA.


For many years, Main Street Cafe has prided itself on its made-from-scratch meals that provide their customers with the “tastes of home”.


Their menu consists of a plethora of the stereotypical baby boomers favorite food items such as roast beef sandwiches, grilled cheese, macaroni salad and so much more.


When visiting this restaurant you are met with a cozy home-like atmosphere and friendly staff which is no wonder so many people are drawn to this establishment.


Whether you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner check out Main Street Cafe in Claysville for a made-from-scatch meal that will leave your belly full.

The SpringHouse Country Market & Restaurant - Eighty Four, PA

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The SpringHouse Country Market and Restaurant

Another popular comfort food eatery with made-from-scratch food in Washington, PA is The SpringHouse Country Market & Restaurant in Eighty Four, PA.


Hand crimped pies with fresh homemade fillings, scrumptious fresh salads, fresh milk and dairy products, as well as hickory smoked hams are just a few of the many comfort food menu items to choose from at The SpringHouse Country Market & Restaurant.


If the food isn’t enough to bring you comfort, this restaurant's cozy country atmosphere is sure to bring you a sense of ease while getting your grub on.


The next time you are in need of a home cooked meal, check out The SpringHouse Country Market & Restaurant in Eighty-Four, PA.

Shorty’s Lunch - Washington, PA

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Known as a “Washington County staple” and arguably one of the most popular comfort food restaurants in Washington County, Shorty’s Lunch tops the list of the best restaurants according to the Silent Generation.


Shorty’s Lunch is the go-to spot in Washington if you are looking for perfectly grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, and of course, their famous French fries and gravy. It’s an extremely casual atmosphere. Warm food, and timeless location are what makes this restaurant one of the best spots if you are looking for a comfort meal


If you are looking for a delicious comfort food meal and a blast from the past atmosphere, look no further than Shorty’s Lunch in Washington, PA.

Lenzi’s Restaurant - Monongahela, PA

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Lenzi's Restaurant

Many people will agree that a very popular type of comfort food is Italian food. If you have ever enjoyed a meal from Lenzi’s Restaurant in Monongahela, PA you will most likely agree for this to be true.


Lenzi’s Restaurant offers a variety of well-known Italian dishes that are sure to warm your belly up and bring you a sense of peace. Whether you are nibbling on their spaghetti, cheese ravioli, or a burger with fries, Lenzi’s Restaurant is sure to hit just the right spot.


If you are in search of a delicious Italian comfort food spot, then check out Lenzi’s Restaurant in Monongahela, PA.

Alice’s Restaurant - Canonsburg, PA

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Alice's Restaurant

When you think of comfort food your mind is almost immediately drawn to think of a diner. When in need of comfort food in Canonsburg, PA there is no other place to go than Alice’s Restaurant-- a quaint little diner with larger than life meals.


Alice’s Restaurant offers all of the classics that diners are known for. From Italian scrambles, large omelettes, heaping piles of bacon, and a massive stack of pancakes, Alice’s Restaurant has everything you need to bring you the comforts of home.


Slept through breakfast and in need of lunch? Alice’s Restaurant offers a wide variety sandwiches, wraps, salads  and an entire portion of their menu labeled “fair food.”


If you brought a large appetite give Alice’s infamous “brick of fries” a try. This massive serving of fries is topped and piled high with cheese, bacon, ranch and sour cream and can be eaten with a fork or fingers, if you dare!


The next time you are looking for a comfort meal with a classic diner environment, check out Alice’s Restaurant in Canonsburg, PA.