Over the past several years Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, have far surpassed prior generations as the largest population. With that being said, now more than ever restaurants are finding more ways to cater to this generation of consumers.


As opposed to previous generations, Gen Z has challenged those in the restaurant industry to find new and creative ways to appease and surprise their customers in regards to taste, atmosphere and convenience.


In Washington County, many restaurants have found new and innovative ways to appeal to Gen Z while maintaining their originality. If you are interested in which restaurants in Washington County top Gen Z’s list then just keep reading.

Presidents Pub: Washington

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Presidents Pub

One restaurant in particular that is always full of Gen Z patrons is the Presidents Pub in downtown Washington.


Located conveniently within a two minute walk from Washington & Jefferson College, the Presidents Pub has evidently become a go-to place for many Gen Z consumers.


Gen Z and all other patrons are welcomed with a warm and friendly environment the moment they walk through the door. Signature cocktails, draft beers, and a superb menu are what makes this restaurant so appealing to the Gen Z generation.


The Presidents Pub offers a variety of yummy menu items like their fried chicken wings, crispy fried pickles, or fresh salads just to name a few.


Enjoy the outdoor dining experience? Check out The Presidents Pub’s beautiful outdoor patio complete with a relaxing waterfall to set a relaxing vibe for the evening.


If you are looking for a happening spot to enjoy a tasty meal or a cold drink, look no further than the Presidents Pub in Washington, PA.

Fortuitea Cafe: Meadowlands

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Fortuitea Cafe

One of the biggest appeals to Gen Z consumers is vegan and plant-based food options. At Fortuitea Cafe in the Meadowlands, consumers can have the appeal fulfilled with their 100% gluten free and vegan menu.


Fortuitea Cafe offers a wide range of gluten free and vegan options including impossible burgers, pizza, and macaroni and cheese just to name a few. One of Fortuitea Cafe’s most popular menu items is their 100+ loose leaf teas and decadent baked goods.


Fortuitea Cafe also provides the perfect “cafe style” dining experience that many Gen Z patrons crave making it a perfect spot for socializing while enjoying a yummy and healthy bite to eat.


Whether you partake in or just fancy trying vegan and gluten free cuisine, Fortuitea Cafe in the Meadowlands, PA is a must try restaurant.

Forty Bar & Grille: Washington

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Forty Bar and Grille

Another go-to spot that many Gen Z consumer’s love to frequent is Forty Bar & Grille in Washington, PA.


A scrumptious menu, endless drink options, and an outdoor deck are just a few of the many reasons why Gen Z loves to visit Forty Bar & Grille.


Forty Bar & Grille offers a spectacular outdoor bar and dining experience complete with an outdoor pool table, heated lamps, live music and a large deck-- a perfect recipe for a Gen Z’s ideal night out.


'Sammiches', munchies, and wings are just a few of the many different menu options that keep the Gen Z consumers full while they enjoy a draft beer or signature cocktail.


Not a fan of the outdoor dining experience? That’s no problem for Forty Bar & Grille with their immaculate indoor dining area with a huge open concept perfect for mingling with friends both new and old.


The next time you are looking for a fun night out along with a delicious bite to eat, check out Forty Bar & Grille.

Guntown Beer: Canonsburg

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Guntown Beer

Live music, a large patio, draft beer, and a mouth watering menu are just a few of the many reasons why Gen Z just can't stop coming back to Guntown Beer in Canonsburg, PA.


Guntown Beer provides all of Gen Z’s favorite menu items such as buffalo chicken dip, chicken wraps, burgers, and so much more. If that wasn't already enough to get Gen Z through the door, Guntown Beer also offers a spectacular happy hour special with discounts and offers differing each night on bottled beers and signature cocktails.


If there is one thing that Gen Z loves most about Guntown Beer above all else, it is their outdoor patio complete with live music from local bands. Guntown Beer offers a perfect area to lounge and enjoy the live music or a dance floor to show off your best dance moves if you dare.


The next time you are looking for a fun night out complete with spectacular drink specials, check out Guntown Beer in Canonsburg.